Protect your business from raider attacks

PC mass blocking system that cannot be recovered by a third party.

The Brick app is needed by companies that care about the privacy of corporate data and that want to be able to block access to a particular device or to all devices at once at any time.

Examples of use

  • Action against raids For example, strange masked people break in on you, and you or another responsible person are then able to block all PCs within seconds.
    Stopping the spread of viral epidemics. If you suspect that your PC has become infected, you can quickly "quarantine" it.
  • Preventing information leaks.
  • Stopping malicious activity.
  • Remote PC blocking in case of a troubled dismissal.
  • Quick disk cleanup.


  • Blocking one device, group, or all of them at once.
  • Standard OS encryption methods are used. Third-party cryptographers are not used.
  • There is no single-point failure in the form of an admin panel. All interaction takes place via Telegram, which has proven to be resistant to blocking and attacks.
  • A resilient and attack-resistant Amazon AWS infrastructure is used.
  • We support: MacOS, Windows, Linux.
  • The inability to unlock was confirmed by the forensic laboratory.
  • Unlocking is performed by sending recovery passwords to users via SMS or email.


  • Free for "security subscription" users
  • $5 a month for a single device when using our cloud
  • from $9,000 on-premise hosting on your servers