Endpoint protection

We understand the importance of protecting your PC, and that is why we install two antivirus programs and an automated update system:

This set allows you to safely use your PC without the risk of catching malware, even when using an account with administrator rights. A few hours after the installation, you will receive the first report on deleted viruses and the confidence that they will never show up again.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

  1. Device monitoring
    Allows us to control the ability to connect external devices, as well as to record infected ones on them
  2. Application Isolation/Application Control
    Allows the user to run only known healthy applications, and also protects them to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities. Application isolation is used to prevent malicious behavior, such as giving higher privileges in processes and files.
  3. Infection prevention
    Checking the signatures of launched files, as well as analyzing the behavior.
    Real-time protection
    All files and processes on the protected device are constantly being scanned.
  4. Security of connections
    Access points are checked for compliance when connecting to them, and a connection via your own VPN can also be set up.
  5. Intrusion prevention
    Blocking network and browser attacks and malicious programs running in the browser code.
  6. Firewall
    Centralized management of connections to computers, creation of white/black lists both manually and automatically.
  7. Protection of corporate email
    A separate security element is allocated for checking incoming emails and monitoring downloaded files.

Carbon Black Defense

  1. 0-day threat protection/Protection against previously unknown threats
    CB Defense uses advanced predictive models to analyze complete endpoint data and detect malicious behavior to stop all types of attacks before they compromise the system.
  2. Visibility and ability to respond in real time
    Separate functionality allows us to instantly create requests to the system to identify certain patterns of behavior, as well as to respond to them in real time.
  3. Cloud-Based Protection
    Constant updating of rules and policies based on a lot of data collected from all over the world.

IBM BigFix

  1. Vulnerability Monitoring
    Continuous monitoring and correction of vulnerabilities on protected devices.
  2. Patch Management
    Manual and automatic application of patches to maintain the current state of object security.
  3. Software Inventory
    Accounting for installed software and its versions for further actions.
  4. Setting Control
    Manual and automatic configuration of devices according to the desired templates.